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Uptime Resources has been in San Francisco since 1991. Our customers are a cross section of the Bay Area - from departments at Fortune 500 companies to national store chains, from a hospital to a local medical clinic, from branch offices of large organizations to mid-sized local law firms, from small non-profits to nationally recognized charities - in short, any organization that needs and values reliable and responsible support.

Through the years we never lost our focus, providing exceptional service. Just more hype? Not to the 200+ customers who have been with for over 15 years! They obviously don't think those are just empty words. They've stayed with us because we're good at what we do, consistently. So, what sets us apart?

We are committed, really committed, to providing good service. We prove it with the immediately apparent (you will never be placed in voice mail heaven because we understand that your time is at the very least as valuable as ours) to the less readily apparent (we have taken the time and money to obtain and keep authorizations from all the major manufacturers in our industry). We do whatever it takes to be fully responsible for that part of your business you entrust to us.

We've been here for 22+ years, which means we got it (and what we didn't get the first time, we learned the hard way and have behind us). In other words, we really do understand what it takes to keep you a happy customer.

We never pretend to know something when we don't. You can rely on us to be straight. We've always tried to stick to what's practical, not what's fashionable. We recommend and sell products and services that are tested and that people can and do use.

We are small which means we can respond not just quickly but also appropriately. It means we understand your needs and conditions. It means we "feel your pain" immediately and throughout our company. It means everyone here understands what's at stake when you call us for service or supplies.

And last, but not least, we are personable. We understand that first and last business is about people. Price is important, but over the long run the quality of the relationship is at least as important, for you as well as for us.


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